It had to be you

Oh my Virginia, I had no idea! You too Tennessee, how nice it was to wake up laying next to that. Over the course of two days I was swept off my feet by these states’ big strapping mountains and the endurance of their long winding roads. Tennessee doesn’t taste great but my goodness what a sight for sore eyes. And the smell! Everyone should bat their eyes and hold hands with Tennessee in the Spring. He will intoxicate you and make you feel like the person you know you are. Yes, Tennessee is a good man, the kind you take home to the family and pretend you’re are shy with. And like most good men Tennessee was a bit close minded but it was a nice change from my recent ex, New York. By the time I hit Alabama I found myself so impossibly happy that not even the good men of the Alabama State Police could get me down. Heck, standing on the side of the highway chatting with a couple of young handsome men in uniform was a highlight of my morning. Then a game changer came along. Threw a wrench in everything. To be honest I didn’t even see him coming. It was just after lunching with Alabama, where he showed me a lovely coffee house tucked away in his downtown. Alabama got up to say hello to a friend and then he whispered in my ear. “No, I couldn’t possibly…you weren’t even in my radar. Seriously, stop this is inappropriate in front of my date with Alabama.” But I couldn’t stop the rise and fall of my chest growing deeper and that little corner of my mouth from turning upwards. Oh dear. By the end of coffee it was inevitable: tonight I would go down, all the way down, I would cross that bridge giggling with delight, and I would be with New Orleans. This was a tryst that had to happen, the perfect rebound that was impossible to plan. There are only a few cities worthy of New York’s jealousy and I had caught the eye of one of them. The unbathed, unclean rawness of New Orleans enveloped me and, in a way the that is only possible when there are no strings attached, I let him in. Waking from a bizarre dream of swimming naked in the sea while staying at sanitarium I laid there with the stink of all things Bad Girl on me. Thank you New Orleans, all girls need to feel irresistible every once in a while and this was so good I found myself thanking New York for doing me wrong.


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