The long kiss goodbye

Expecting to slip out of the hotel room, shoes in hand, I was surprised to find New Orleans had woken before me and prepared us breakfast. Could this be true? The city everybody warns you about, but no one can resist, is reeling me in. He smiled at me over breakfast and convinced me stay through the afternoon, to walk in the warm sunshine through his colorful streets, to let New Orleans make me lunch and look longingly into each other’s eye over coffee and french pastry. Promising to find a shadow for one last hurrah I agreed. New Orleans was special, everybody knew it, and I had no idea I would fall for hot-bad-boy type who turned out to be just as much fun in the day as he was in the night. Like any amazing one night stand I found it hard to say goodbye, standing in the Garden District amongst the low hanging trees, high standing mansions and wide wrapping porches I began trying to figure out how to stay. Who could I call a favor into? Where would lay my head? There was something about the emptiness of the city that made me want to stay and fill it, to tell New Orleans not to be heartsick any longer over his life changing break-up that I was here to hold him. Now wasn’t the right time though, so, alas I got in my truck and headed on road again. Bumper to bumper traffic and a few wrong turns delayed my departure- a smile came to me: it was hard for New Orleans to let me go too. A long distance relationship would never do, he is not that kind of city, there would be many that will lie with him in my absence and he made no attempt to hide it.

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