Hello Darlin’

Pulling into to Dallas is only for the brave of heart or a master of your own transport, even on a good day with beautiful sunny weather.  The two lane highway with a speed limit of 70 miles per hour could easily be called border-line-lethal with its complete lack of shoulders and encasement in two solid cement walls.  If that doesn’t make you sit up straight throw in a procession of giant freight trucks that barley fit in their own lanes hauling like, what is that expression, oh yeah, a bat out of hell on the last leg of their journey.  My goodness! it made my heart race and adrenaline flow, quite the hello from an old friend.  Dallas was the one that never was for me.  He was a close friend from my school days and a city that could have had a bit of a crush on me.  It had been decided, Dallas would be a home base for awhile and as excited as I am to be here, he is not a city I would have thought I wanted to hang out with.  When my break up with New York happened and I needed a place to set up shop and Dallas offered no judgements and no restrictions just big friendly ‘come on down.‘ So I did, and here I am.  There was a part of me that wondered if there would be chemistry between us after all these years, because, even though I had kept in touch with Dallas we hadn’t really seen one another more than a handful of times in over 10 years.  Getting out of the car I was bubbly and awkward looking up at big strong strapping Dallas.  He gave me the kind of sideward glance that only rugged old southwestern cities can pull off. Huh.  After settling into two fingers of Texas made whiskey and some healthy flirting I remembered that the ole’ cowboy in Dallas always had a way of making me feel a little more like a lady, dainty and graceful.  Where New York made me feel short and off Dallas made me feel like a firecracker (small with a punch).  In the plains of beautiful full-figured blondes Dallas had his eye on me.  Pass me another beer, I am going to be here awhile.

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