The World is flat and my arms are long

During my usual morning email checking and blog filpping I came across a new, well new to me, shoe website.  Whoa! so cute.  Yes, they are millions of sites for shopping and yes, they have some of they usual cute and trendy regulars (Jeffery Campbell, Doce Vita) but they go beyond that.  In trying to do a little good by giving back to the community in some way I am always searching for companies where I would want to have dinner and converse with people behind the curtain.  Which, for me, means showcasing independent and up and coming designers that might otherwise get lost in the fray.  And Ashbury Skies can come to my dinner table anytime :)

I always feel a little silly when my shoes are so much brighter than the rest of my outfit but cool colored shoes can really make a boring outfit feel polished. Never thought about tie dyed shoes but it kind of tones down the beautiful pink so it is possible to wear a bright color without it being so loud.

Aren’t these hand-beaded beauties perfect for shorts or even a long skirt!

These will be mine, Oh yes, they will be mine

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