Hey! You know that hot guy asleep in the other room…

Hey! You know that hot guy asleep in the other room...

…don’t do it!

It’s just not a good idea. As a city, Dallas, you are my friend, and a good one at that. I would like to stay friends with you and live with you for a while and the bottom line is: we don’t really like like eachother. We are just two young decent looking people who get a long and are currently not, well you know. Sorry to be harsh, Dallas, but you know I am right. Besides it is so expected. New York is assuming it, Austin said why not (that sly minx), Fort Worth is hoping Dallas and I act like “adults” and know the difference, and New Orleans, well New Orleans is always rooting for the carnal side of life. In a way it is a little boring in that regard. I mean yes, Dallas, you are a sweet talking city whose in good-getting-great shape and yes you made it quite clear you be willing, and yes it has been a while since I have been sweet talked and undressed with every other glance. But it would be bad and feelings would get hurt. So even after I had had a few to many the other night and convinced myself to do it anyway-I couldn’t.  I stood there, outside your door at 3:30 in the morning, in nothing but an oxford and I could not make myself go in. It was kind of like when you look at the dessert menu or a box of cookies and think mmm, that would be tasty…maybe I should….nahhh and walk away. Yeah, kinda like that.

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