Digital Manifest Destiny

This article was brought to my attention today by a close friend and kindled a flame of excitement that can sometimes get low in the night.  Our generation, that is alive and thriving now, has this sub-culture of cool kids where all things Americana have street cred and deserve attention.  Idea of Steam Punk, Classic Cocktails, or all things Etsy.

Most people go on living their normal lives, listening to regular news channels, watching the million-hits YouTube videos, and shopping for mass produced concepts- and then-there is this other group searching out things just below the surface of mass media, teasing out the secrets and the unknowns in flood of ordinary and mimicry. Things that without a tilted head can be easy to miss, hard to interpret, or even disconcerting to find. These are those forging a path and allowing for the expansion of concepts beyond realm of the currently conceivable.  I love the quote from Ted Anthony’s article from Julie Fenster:

“I can invent my way out of problems”

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