Kenzo Paris for F/W 2012


This is too funny! The corporate videos of the world were waiting for a rift and Kenzo nailed it, although they could have off the huge KENZO logo in the middle of the screen (or maybe that is the point). Every time I fly American Airlines and they play their new video instead of having the flight attendant speak to us, I am thinking ‘who in their incredibly competent team thinks this type of cheezy format is still relavant?’

Since 2011 Kenzo has had the creators of Opening Ceremony at the creative helm. WIth LVMH behind them the line has the budget to make clothes that feel fun, experimental, and yet still polished and refreshing, which is what the piece exemplifies. Their line usually carries the Made in Poland tag.

textual chemistry

Have you ever had a text session go wildly awry?  Where like everything is as it seems, you think your rockin’ it, maybe your playfully flirting or whatever and then bam! you have no idea what just happened?  That’s totally what I just experienced and I am thrown so off my game that now I am writing all Valley and stuff. No but seriously, I normally love texting over conversing with new additions to your circle.  It is perfect for being able to think about what you want to say and look up references to seem wittier than the real you. But this was down right bizzarre.  Somehow, though I still am confused on how, while trying to be odd and coy, I managed to make the follow-up second date 6 months from a great first date that happened last night!  How is that even possible we live like five minutes apart? Remember in high school where you just saw each other everyday and had to deal?  Oh the simplicity of yesteryear.

Digital Manifest Destiny

This article was brought to my attention today by a close friend and kindled a flame of excitement that can sometimes get low in the night.  Our generation, that is alive and thriving now, has this sub-culture of cool kids where all things Americana have street cred and deserve attention.  Idea of Steam Punk, Classic Cocktails, or all things Etsy.

Most people go on living their normal lives, listening to regular news channels, watching the million-hits YouTube videos, and shopping for mass produced concepts- and then-there is this other group searching out things just below the surface of mass media, teasing out the secrets and the unknowns in flood of ordinary and mimicry. Things that without a tilted head can be easy to miss, hard to interpret, or even disconcerting to find. These are those forging a path and allowing for the expansion of concepts beyond realm of the currently conceivable.  I love the quote from Ted Anthony’s article from Julie Fenster:

“I can invent my way out of problems”

Hey! You know that hot guy asleep in the other room…


Hey! You know that hot guy asleep in the other room...

…don’t do it!

It’s just not a good idea. As a city, Dallas, you are my friend, and a good one at that. I would like to stay friends with you and live with you for a while and the bottom line is: we don’t really like like eachother. We are just two young decent looking people who get a long and are currently not, well you know. Sorry to be harsh, Dallas, but you know I am right. Besides it is so expected. New York is assuming it, Austin said why not (that sly minx), Fort Worth is hoping Dallas and I act like “adults” and know the difference, and New Orleans, well New Orleans is always rooting for the carnal side of life. In a way it is a little boring in that regard. I mean yes, Dallas, you are a sweet talking city whose in good-getting-great shape and yes you made it quite clear you be willing, and yes it has been a while since I have been sweet talked and undressed with every other glance. But it would be bad and feelings would get hurt. So even after I had had a few to many the other night and convinced myself to do it anyway-I couldn’t.  I stood there, outside your door at 3:30 in the morning, in nothing but an oxford and I could not make myself go in. It was kind of like when you look at the dessert menu or a box of cookies and think mmm, that would be tasty…maybe I should….nahhh and walk away. Yeah, kinda like that.

Three Tin Shakedown


Three Tin Shakedown

How do you make 5 great cocktails all with at least 5 ingredients in less than 1 minute while taking money for the 5 you made 1 minute ago and talking to the crowd of three deep who each want 5 more?
I don’t know either, but tonight is my first weekend night at a scenester bar where I was told the bartender’s motto is “if your not shaking three tins your moving too slow”