textual chemistry

Have you ever had a text session go wildly awry?  Where like everything is as it seems, you think your rockin’ it, maybe your playfully flirting or whatever and then bam! you have no idea what just happened?  That’s totally what I just experienced and I am thrown so off my game that now I am writing all Valley and stuff. No but seriously, I normally love texting over conversing with new additions to your circle.  It is perfect for being able to think about what you want to say and look up references to seem wittier than the real you. But this was down right bizzarre.  Somehow, though I still am confused on how, while trying to be odd and coy, I managed to make the follow-up second date 6 months from a great first date that happened last night!  How is that even possible we live like five minutes apart? Remember in high school where you just saw each other everyday and had to deal?  Oh the simplicity of yesteryear.

“I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.” Part two

For part two:

It is funny how you can tell what love looks like, how from an outsider’s perspective love has a look and feel that is overwhelmingly different than something either trying imitate it or when someone thinks they have it and everybody else knows different.  Unfortunately I am realizing I fall into the second category. I was the idiot who thought New York was for me and that we were in love, and now people are calling to tell me how they knew all along. humph!

Here is a collection of stolen moments of love, some even seem hard to look at because they feel private.