“I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.” Part two

For part two:

It is funny how you can tell what love looks like, how from an outsider’s perspective love has a look and feel that is overwhelmingly different than something either trying imitate it or when someone thinks they have it and everybody else knows different.  Unfortunately I am realizing I fall into the second category. I was the idiot who thought New York was for me and that we were in love, and now people are calling to tell me how they knew all along. humph!

Here is a collection of stolen moments of love, some even seem hard to look at because they feel private.


“I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.” Part one


The first installment of “she gave me a pen” is the newest video from Fight Facilities. I dig the animation and the song feels both sad and cool. It is not about heartbreaks per se but it is about a guy who has somebody on the side, which would be heartbreaking to his woman. So I guess in my break up with New York this would be from New York.

You likey?

Wind blown away

Why is hair so sexy?  I mean good hair, you know the kind, can really get your blood flowing in the right situation.  Now that I am single in a new city full of strangers, everybody is an exciting outsider.  After having someone to be close and intimate with for so long I have a total case of the doesn’t-take-much-to-get-my-heart-racing syndrome.  Do you know it? Well in attempt to be good here are some great hair images to get help me my fix…and maybe yours too:

The World is flat and my arms are long

During my usual morning email checking and blog filpping I came across a new, well new to me, shoe website.  Whoa! so cute.  Yes, they are millions of sites for shopping and yes, they have some of they usual cute and trendy regulars (Jeffery Campbell, Doce Vita) but they go beyond that.  In trying to do a little good by giving back to the community in some way I am always searching for companies where I would want to have dinner and converse with people behind the curtain.  Which, for me, means showcasing independent and up and coming designers that might otherwise get lost in the fray.  And Ashbury Skies can come to my dinner table anytime :)

I always feel a little silly when my shoes are so much brighter than the rest of my outfit but cool colored shoes can really make a boring outfit feel polished. Never thought about tie dyed shoes but it kind of tones down the beautiful pink so it is possible to wear a bright color without it being so loud.

Aren’t these hand-beaded beauties perfect for shorts or even a long skirt!

These will be mine, Oh yes, they will be mine

Down came the rain

Down came the rain

Every morning I wake up on my friend’s big leather couch stretch my arms, smile and say ‘Good morning Dallas!’ The nights are harder than that though, and I usually stay up looking at blogs until my eyes hurt so I don’t think about the fact that I am laying on a friend’s couch after breaking up with New York and walking out with nothing but my boxes clothes to start a life I am scared of starting. Everyday is different: some are good, some are whatever, some start good and end horrible some start with me never leaving that friend’s couch until Dallas’s bright shiny sun has long disappeared and end with me eating a seven course meal with a large group of people I just met across from the owner of the best bar in town, in true Texas style he is ex-NFL, whose business partner hired me only hours before. Dallas has been a welcoming city, and if Dallas has his way with me I will be fat (hellooo Texas’s No Table Left Behind program for chips and guacamole) and happy in no time. So, yes I have a jobby job! and I will post pictures of the spot soon. On today’s list of how to keep a girl away from the the path of doom are find beautiful fresh produce grown by the good people of Texas and drop off an overflowing bag of ripe clothing to a homeless shelter. Who couldn’t feel great about that kind of Friday? Ooo and it’s raining!!

(photo was taken on an iPhone and uploaded through Instagram)

Ouch is right!


Ouch is right!

Dallas, you cannot be serious! These boutiques have got to be a joke right? Store after store of so bad they became actually awesome. How can you have so many adorably designed independently owned restaurants and have such gawd awful taste in women’s clothes, all in the same neighborhood? We will work on this together, I promise. Other than that Dallas is being great friend, today I lay in the cool water of the bright blue pool listening to not a soul in sight. That is magical! In New York I was never alone, especially at a pool on a nice day. There was the quiet hum of the central AC unit, the rustling of the tree leaves and the beautiful songs of the summer birds. Big D, today you are healing my heart.